What does PP Art mean? It is a fusion between the art of photography and that of painting.
In October 2018 Bruno Paolo Benedetti, photographer, and Barbara Stamegna,  decided to develop a new artistic flow by fusing our arts into an innovative artistic production that we have named “PP Art”.
Photography Painting Art is the result of a process of manipulation of photos of paintings and digital art photographs. Through the fusion of these two different art products, a brand new artwork is born.
The outcome is an impressive artwork where both the fused visual arts create a new more stunning image where colors and shapes are mixed in an innovative and unique  way.
The resulting abstract images  are made of fluid floating shapes and straight or bended lines, of circles and concentric shapes, of vivid lights and shadows, of allusions to human faces or figures and they are made of bright an soft tones of colors and shades,  giving the watcher many suggestions for her/his imagination and creativity.
The PP Art (Photography Painting Art) fused artworks introduce the observer to an inner celestial world made by sensations, emotions, feelings, by evoking questions and ancestral images with a strong religious inspiration.
abstract floral suggestion liquid image with flowers and fluid shapes on blurred background
blue yellow objects abstract: multicolored image with swirls of bright tones and shapes
colorful abstract swirl art: colors vortex image with swirling objects and shades
dominant blue object abstraction art: colorful mottled image with irregular shapes and forms
abstract floating green lines on yellow shape abstraction on dark background with high color contrast
floral pink abstract flower like image in pink tones with shades
natural swirls on pink
fluid objects art abstraction: colorful mottled image with floating shapes
green abstract shapes movement image with fluid multicolored forms
abstract multicolred dynamic image with fluid elements in dominant green and white tones
green labyrinth abstractions photography painting art in bright mottled colors
liquid moving elements like abstract mottled image with fluid shapes and lines
liquid objects abstraction: colorful fuid image with dissolving shapes
mottled multicolored abstract composition: image with detailed objects and shapes
rising fluid energy like abstract dynamic art image with central white curving shape in dominant red and yellow tones
swirling fire universe: fire flame swirls and concentric shapes and central head on black background
water dream abstraction image with fluid shapes, lines, waves and colors in blue and light brown
waving swirling flow abstract dynamic art image with moving fluid shapes and nuances
deep yellow flowers like abstract mottled image with fluid bended lines in dominant yellow tones.
abstraction of floating ethereal indigo flowers like art image on multicolored mottled background
floral creation abstract art multicolored image with flowers and blossoms like shapes with shades
abstract image with floral green and red shapes on black dappled background
green and yellow abstract flowery meadow with red flowers and abstract floating flower shapes pattern
fluid energetic flow abstract art multicolored image in bright colors with concentric dynamic shapes and curls on mottled background
bright colors abstract image with dynamic pattern of geometric and round shapes and bent lines
liquid shining vortex abstract art image in dominant blue and green colors with white converging shapes
abstract dappled art image with mulltiform colored shapes in dominant red and blue tones
orange flower energy like abstract art image with green leaf shapes on mottled yellow background
pink rose blossom like abstract image with central vortex and fluid floating natural shapes
rainbow colored shapes abstract image with swirling shapes on black background
dominant red tones abstract art image with central warm colors shape on dark green dappled background
light blue abstract art image with shapes in movement with high contrasted colors in dominant light blue tones
revealing fire abstract bright colors art image with yellow flames like shapes on multicolored background
soft sparkling energy vortex abstract art image with yellow floating abstract shapes in a fuchsia color like whirlpool
soft tones abstract dynamic image with curls,geometric round shapes and transparencies with mottled texture
spiritual beyond the visible: abstract art composition with flowers on foreground and human figure on blurred background in dominant red,green and beige tones
thorny flower abstract art: multicolored image with fluid forms and spiny central figure
underwater blue flower and leaf shapes like abstract art image with dark fuchsia liquid surface
warm colors abstract image with flower and pistils like eveloving shapes from inner orange color center
yellow fluid abstract flower: multicolored image with central yellow abstract fluid flower

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